the creation.


Every single pair of shoes made in this small shop by expert hands of Gianni and Emanuele is a result of a series of operations, hard work and specific techniques united with the ability, competence and passion.

The most important steps we take in Menuder GIUSSANO a re:


Sheets of paper, a pencil and a meter is everything we need. We put this piece of paper on the ground and ask our clients kindly to have a seat and put their foot on the paper. Then we simply outline their foot on it and by using a meter we take series of measures that we need in order to make a custom-made shoe: length, circumference, circumference to neck of the shoe, circumference of collar, passing or entering.




The form, usually made of wood, is an essential reproduction of dimensions and shape of the client's foot. We put a standard form onto the paper, we mark the differences and thanks to pieces off leather here and there we make the first changes in order to get to the real measure as much as we can. We use soap and sandpaper to smooth it down, polish it and finish the form to make it look exactly like our client's foot, including imperfections or problems every foot might have. This is a proof of uniqueness of an artisan shoe, made by hand and to your liking and measure.



The upper or vamp is a higher part of the shoe consisting of a mask that covers the front part of the foot and gambits that hold heels together. The creation of this part is preceded by a phase in which we create the model in paper based of the measurements and personalized form. This model will serve to cut the leather in order to get different parts of the upper and of the lining. Once we have realized that we move on to the phase of joining the pieces with extreme care and precision, we assemble and sew together all the different parts, ornaments, finishing and decorations.


After we've created upper and sole we start working on their assembly by using as set of chain operations: assembly where we put the upper part on the shape model in order to permit the adjustments to happen, the we move on to application of sole. With a certain number of small nails we put the upper part on the top of the shoe, from the belt to the welt. A piece of thin leather is applied between the upper part and the sole with needle and string to the application of the sole that was sewn to welt in order to get to the construction of the heel.


Wax, alcohol, polish, brushes and pieces of cloth are instruments that combined with our energy help us to complete our custom-made shoes. We smoothen and paint the bottom, and we keep on cleaning and polishing until the final result is what we and client want.


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